Tory Dementia Tax

Batten down the hatches, she's comin' for ya!

Theresa May - her future is sorted - the queen of backtrack and false promises. After she loses this election, she will be a former Prime Minister costing us more money and selling her story for years to come.

But for the rest of you? Your Triple Lock Pension is at risk and you'll need to find more money each winter to keep yourself warm at night. It's the worst of all the shameful Conservative Party policies - The Tory Dementia Tax.

If you own your home after working so hard for many years and it is valued at over £100,000 - say goodbye to it if Theresa May and the Conservatives wins this election.

You're going to need that money to pay for your own care.

On June 8th you have a choice, one that can protect the future of this country. Forget the personalities in politics - vote on policy and vote to protect the future of the United Kingdom (yes, I mean you too, Scotland).